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Stop Smoking For Good

Do You Want To Stop Smoking?

•    Do you need to stop smoking, yet struggling with the idea of giving something up you enjoy?
•    Are you frustrated with yourself because you feel you are going around in circles not getting anywhere?
•    Have you recently been diagnosed with a smoking related illness or soon to be going into hospital and need to stop?
•    Are you aware of what is in your way, but frustrated because you cannot do anything about it?

You may relate to one or all of the above or something different. You may have used all the known nicotine replacement treatments ie patches, gum, lozenges etc. You may have tried Zyban or Champix and now don't know where to go. You may feel very anxious or even terrified of stopping smoking.

Faye has worked for over 12 years as an NHS specialist Stop Smoking Advisor. She has great insight into the challenges faced by people who are unhappy about their smoking. Faye uses all of this experience combined with EFT to get to the core issues preventing you from changing and getting what you want.

If you are willing to make a commitment to yourself and your health Faye can help you achieve your goal.

What have you got to lose?

Putting the pieces back, together.

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